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When the Heart Is No Longer Home....

A home is a unique place where families grow together.

Home is where new additions to the family are welcomed.

Home is where laugh and complicity happen.

Home is where celebrations are held.

Home is where get-togethers unfold.

Home is where memories are forged.

Home is the central nervous system or our great country.

Owning your home is the great American Dream.

But what happens when you outgrow the home you once loved and cherished?

You feel cramped up. As if you were trying to fit in a too-small shirt, you feel restricted and uneasy.

You lose your sense of pride and focus your attention on what's wrong with it.

It no longer reflects who you are at your core but instead reminds you of what you're not.

You no longer feel in control of your life forced to adjust your standard and settle for what you have instead of what you desire.

Like many, your first reaction is to ignore the symptoms. You look the other way because it is just easier.

What you fail to realize is that it impacts you and your family is much more profound ways you imagine.

Lack of adequate space and rooms sparks arguments.

You no longer feel you are an achiever.

Life is messy and chaotic.

You stop dreaming and believing in yourself.

Desperate for privacy, you isolate yourself.

You can't find peace and harmony.

There is no joy left. Just the daily grind of going to work, paying bills, caring for the children, and lying to bed frustrated. 

You are wondering how could have life become so stale and how in the hell you got there.

I'd like you to consider the following: If you've given up on something as essential as living in a home that makes you happy, is it possible that you've also given up on your life, dreams, and dreams?

Is it possible that you've also tamed the burning desire you once had to get nothing less than the best in life under the illusion of being prudent?

Is it possible you've become lenient with yourself? Neglected your relationships, lost your purpose, and not taking care of your body?


Scarcity is a virus that runs through our entire society. It says you can't have what you want because you can't afford it, or it's risky, or you could make a huge mistake.

It is bread everywhere you look at the media, Facebook, advertising, self-talk, water cooler conversations at work, and conversations with your significant other.

It's become the new norm and the death of the American Dream.

The worst part is the longer you remain asleep to this truth, the more powerful the virus becomes.

It controls your thoughts, desires, actions, and results, living a much smaller life than you want.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

If you look around you, you'll find 1,000 people who live life on their own terms—living in homes that support their well being.

People living in homes that make them proud of their achievements.

Families firmly united operating as one unit, loving and taking care of one another.

Leaders who beat the drums, setting the pace to achieve and inspire more.

People living in comfort and abundance.

Families to whom life seems to smile no matter what.

So what's the difference between you and them?

It's simple: they dream big and take massive actions. They've refused to buy into the scarcity lie and forge their own path.

And it shows up everywhere in their lives: their spirit, relationships, spirituality, and health.

The good news is those blessings are available to you too if you choose to go after them.

And it starts with home: the central nervous system of our great country.

Selling a home to buy another one doesn't have to be scary, feel impossible, or too expensive if you follow a proven path. The same way 1,000's of other homeowners have successfully followed.

This is what my "UP method" shows you to do. It is a simple & proven method for growing families that need more space & comfort.

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My Areas

Summerlin is a suburban master-planned community in the Las Vegas Valley of Southern Nevada. It lies at the edge of the Spring Mountains and Red Rock Canyon to the west; it is partly within the official city limits of Las Vegas and partly within unincorporated Clark County. This rapidly growing community occupies over 22,500 acres and according to its developers, "has grown to encompass more than 230 parks, more than two dozen public and private schools, 14 houses of worship, nine golf courses, three resort hotels, world-class recreational facilities, retail and entertainment centers, well-established office parks, a state-of-the-art medical center, and more.
Mountain's Edge
The Mountain’s Edge community is an active, diverse, inclusive community where people come first. A large community with a small-town feel, we are located conveniently close to Interstate access while still removed enough from the busy Las Vegas Strip to escape the hectic pace of urban life. Mountain’s Edge is where you can not only utilize the benefits of the beautiful city but also slow down and enjoy the moments and people that make your house a home.
Southern Highlands
Southern Highlands is an affluent master-planned community located in the southern foothills of the Las Vegas Valley, Nevada, United States. The community surrounds the Southern Highlands Golf Club.[1] It contains a resort, two retail centers, recreational facilities, a country club, spa, multiple parks, two medical centers, and an office plaza. It is among the most affluent communities in the state of Nevada, with an average household income of $100,207 and an average household net worth of $579,866.[2] Southern Highlands is located within Enterprise, Nevada.
Sky Canyon
Perfectly positioned between the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip and the tall timbers of Mt. Charleston you’ll discover a new epicenter of vibrant living. A collection of inspired neighborhoods dedicated to vitality, relaxation, adventure, balance, and beauty. Here, state-of-the-art amenities share the landscape with neighborhood parks, dedicated trails, open space, and the expansive wilderness that awaits nearby.
Aliante is a master-planned community located in North Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2001, American Nevada Corporation and Del Webb Corporation formed North Valley Enterprises, which purchased 1,900 acres (770 ha) of land in the city and began construction of the community a year later, with the opening held in May 2003.
Silverstone Ranch
Silverstone Ranch is a planned community of 1,526 homes located in the vibrant and growing Centennial Hills area of the northwest Las Vegas Valley. Developed by Pulte Homes from 2005 – 2008, Silverstone Ranch is comprised of nine distinct neighborhoods, three of which are gated. Homes vary in size from 1,400 to 4,000 square feet, with current prices ranging from the mid-200s to the high-500s. The neighborhood is beautifully landscaped and has panoramic views of the Sheep Mountains to the north and Mt. Charleston and the Spring Mountains to the west.

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